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Beach Ball Letter Slam

Bullseye! With this activity, kids can practice throwing a ball at letters against a vertical surface. And the best part? Children can throw the beach ball as hard as they want without risk of it popping or making too much noise!

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Practice letter recognition and hand-eye coordination with this fun game!

Try this activity to help kids practice their throwing motion. Children will take turns throwing a ball against different letters, helping to develop their physical and cognitive skills. The large beach ball makes it easier for younger children to aim at their target and older children can practice their hand-eye-coordination by throwing one-handed or having the ball not touch the ground - a real challenge!

💯What’s your high score? If your child is more interested in playing catch than practicing their letters, lean into it! How many times can they catch the ball without letting it drop?

🔁 Switch It Up: Don’t have a garage door? Use a wall outside and chalk to create a surface for the kiddo to throw the ball against.


For this activity you will need:

Beach Ball 

Vertical surface (like a garage door)

Magnetic letters

Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor - Throwing


Throwing with increased co-ordination


Step 1:

Blow up your beach ball.

Step 2:

Grab your magnetic letters and place them randomly along a vertical magnetic surface (a garage door works great).

Step 3:

Encourage your child to use the ball to hit the letters as you call them out one by one.

⬆️ For older preschoolers:  Use sight words instead of letters and have them throw the ball against a word and say it out loud.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: They may not be interested in throwing the ball against the letters so encourage them to practice their throwing and catching skills with the ball - how many times can they catch it in a row?

Playful Questions

How many letters in your name can you see on the wall?

How many times can you hit the letter “E” on the wall in a row?

Can you throw the ball and spell out a word using the letters?

Will a tennis ball be easier or harder to aim and throw?

What would happen if we took some of the air out of the beach ball?

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