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Water Fun in the Sun!

Water play is always a hit during the summer season. Socializing infants is very important even if they don’t speak yet. Having a place where standing infants can gather around, and babble is a great start to conversation while exploring the water.

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Belly up to the water table and get a wet!

The idea behind this activity is to encourage the children to explore the water, pouring and feeling the water on their hands. All educators know there will always be one child who wants to get right into the water table, so keep your eyes out.

During this activity the children can explore the feeling of water on their hands and as well different objects in the water. It creates a different feeling as well as filling and pouring with the small buckets.

All you need for this activity is a couple of buckets and a water table full of warm/cool water. You can always add other toys to the water as well pending the age of the infants (e.g. animals or boats).


For this water activity you will need:

Low water table

Small cups or buckets

Rubber ducks (or other animals)


Learning Outcomes




The Senses


Coordinating senses Touching, rubbing, squeezing materials


Step 1:

Take the water table outside on a nice warm day and fill with cool or warm water depending the temperature outside.

Step 1:

Place in the cups or buckets and any other animals

Step 1:

Make sure that the water table is on a safe surface and that there is always supervision of the children and let them play in the water.

Playful Questions

With infants you can still ask questions but also helpful to make statements throughout the activity.

“This water is warm”

“Look at the duck!” Make the duck sound

What is this? (holding a bucket and pouring out water)

What is that sound? (As you pour water)

What other animals are in the water?

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