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Art: Shiny Icicles!

Explore icicles and their formation with this hands-on art and fine motor experience for preschoolers!

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Discover how icicles are formed!

Icicles are formed in cold places when the temperature goes below 32F making water freeze. When water drops freeze, icicles are formed. They can be found in roofs or trees, creating pointy icy spikes. 

Children will discover icicles and their characteristics by creating an icicle garland as a collaborative experience.

Extend this activity  Add a little Science to this activity by freezing water to make ice and playing with a sensory table. Children can melt it using different water temperatures.

Learn in depth about countries that are located in zones where temperatures go below 32F and icicles can be found.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Images of icicles

Different kinds of paper: Foil, sparkle tissue paper, shiny papers




Silver or white glitter, optional

Glue, optional

Learning Outcomes


Social, Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Physical


Using fine motor skills to explore Science concepts.


Building new vocabulary 

Develop Fine motor skills


Step 1:

Start by asking children the main generating question: Do you know what icicles are?  Discuss and write down their hypothesis.

Step 2: 

Show children icicle images and explain how icicles are formed.

Step 3:

Set up all the materials in a nice and attractive way, inviting the children to create an icicle. 

Step 4:

Have the children choose the type of paper they want to work with. Have children cut or tear the paper, forming a long triangle that will resemble an icicle. Demonstrate cutting or tearing if needed.

Step 5:

(Optional): Have children decorate their icicles using glue and glitter to give them an extra sparkle.


Step 6:

Give each child one length of string. Show children how to wrap the widest ends of each icicle around the string and tape or glue to secure. The children can overlap the icicles or spread them out along the string. Children can make as many icicles as they want, making the garland as long as desired.

Here's a Tip! Coordination and hand strength are still developing in some children. You may observe them having difficulty using both hands together for fine motor activities. Tearing paper is a wonderful way to practice this in a fun way! If necessary, start several small rips in the foil and tissue paper to help children begin paper tearing activities.

Playful Questions

How do you think the icicle's surface feels? Sharp- smooth- pointy, etc.

How long do you think an icicle can be?

For how long do you think an icicle can stay formed?

What do you think the places in which icicles are formed have in common?

What colors can icicles have?

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