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A Short Story About Animals

Talking about animals is always fun and exciting for small children. This short story will ask them to imagine what animal would they be, based on common characteristics of each of them. At the end, kids are reminded that humans are also animals, though we often forget.

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Story Time!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A lion? So fearless and brave.

A bat? Upside down in a cave.

A sloth? Sleeping all day.

A dog? Always willing to play.

A turtle? Slow but resistant.

A spider? Small and persistent. 

A dolphin? So incredibly smart

A penguin? In the cold worlds apart.

A bird? Happy singing out loud.

A cat? So playful and proud.

A panda? Always eating bamboo.

Or perhaps even a kangaroo.

But wait, you might need a clue.

Don't forget: humans are animals too.

by Mathias Neves

Learning Outcomes




Enjoying literacy


Showing pleasure and enjoyment during activities with language, music, and print materials

Activity Author

Photo of Mathias
Mathias| Author

Hi! I’m Mathias Neves, a Toronto-based Brazilian author. My books and short stories are mostly focused on mental health, but I believe the most boring of topics can be made interesting for children. When not writing, you can find me working as a digital marketer at HiMama.

Playful Questions

• What is your favorite animal?

• Is a lion big or small?

• Where do the penguins live?

• Are spiders big or small?

• What is your dream pet?

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