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Animals Coloring Page - Free Printable

Coloring pages are always a ton of fun for adults and children alike. You can use this theme for an animals theme, or whenever you need a different coloring page in your classroom. You can never have too many of them! Make sure to ask playful questions afterwards to bring this activity to the next level.

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Color animals with this free printable

Animals are always popular with children, and they will surely have their favorites, from dogs to lions. This coloring page is perfect to chat about animals in the classroom and explore their creativity. The final results are always unique, as each child will use different colors and add their unique flaire to each page. Coloring pages are quick and fun, and have high repeatability. There's a reson why they are so popular with children (and even adults). This printable is focused on wild animals: giraffes, crocodiles, lions, penguins, and more! It's a great conversation topic to bring into your classroom. You can even read a related book about nature to bring this activity to the next level.

Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor Skills


Controlling small muscles

Playful Questions

  • What is your favorite animal?

  • What colors did you use?

  • What sound does a lion make?

  • Why did you use this color here?

  • What is the biggest animals on this page?

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