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Animal Sounds - Guessing Game

Practice social distancing while having fun is a great way to help children learn how to stay safe! In this game, children will make animal noises and the “zookeeper” will have to try guessing who in the group made the noise.

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Who made that sound?!

This is a fun way to have your child cooperating in games while social distancing! The “zookeeper” will stand in the middle of their friends with their eyes closed. Without seeing who, they’ll point at a friend, call out an animal, and the child who was pointed at will then make an animal noise. The zookeeper will then spin around and then opens their eyes and has to try figuring out who made the noise.

📷 Picture perfect: Get a video of the children laughing while making fun animal sounds.

❓Spin round and round: For an extra challenge, have the zookeeper spin a few times after the sound is made before opening their eyes.


For this activity you will need:

No materials

Learning Outcomes




Interacting positively and respectfully


Beginning to develop ideas of and to practice cooperation, fairness and justice


Step 1:

Have the children gather in a circle 6 feet apart and select one to stand in the middle and be the zookeeper.

Step 2:

The zookeeper closes their eyes and instructs the other players how to move around in the circle (e.g. hopping, skipping, slow walk) while keeping a safe distance.

Step 3:

The zookeeper, eyes still closed, will yell freeze, point at someone and shout out an animal name. The player pointed at then makes the noise of that animal. If the zookeeper points in between children, have them do rock, paper, scissors to figure out who will make the noise.

Step 4:

The zookeeper will spin around and then opens their eyes and gets three guesses to who made the animal sound.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Have the zookeeper say the word like the animal.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Have the zookeeper name the noise of the animal.

Playful Questions

What animal noises do you know? 

What do you do when the zookeeper says freeze?

Does the zookeeper have their eyes open?

What movements can we do?

How can we pick a new zookeeper?

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