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Amazing Me Mobile

Using new skills to display what they have been learning.

Children will begin creating an Amazing Me Mobile art project.

This is a great ongoing art project for children to collaborate and communite with their educators.

Educators will share four paper shapes to every child, stating on each: I'm learning to: I like: I help: I can:

Older children: Discuss with them what words they would like to see. Younger children: Educators simply complete the sentences using what is known about the child.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Cutout of a large heart or circle

Laminated photo of each child

Precut cardstock circles





Learning Outcomes


Social & Emotional


Visual Arts, Curiosity Initiative, Fine Motor Development


Children will make a mobile to display new skills that have been learned.


Step 1:

Prior to activity, have four precut circles as well as a laminated photo of each child. Gather as a whole group and ask children, “What makes you amazing?” Encourage students to share what they are good at. Write down answers on the whiteboard or chart paper. 

Step 2:

During free play/center play, call students over two at a time to create their mobiles. Ask them to come up with four things they are good at. Help them find their answer on the board. Affirm each child with telling them what you think they are good at. 

Step 3:

For preschool and up, have children try to write on each circle what they are good at. For toddlers, write it for them.

Step 4:

Have each student glue/tape their circles to the streamer and attach them to the heart or circle cut out. Then paste a child's photo on the front of the lunchbox. Hang mobiles in the room low enough so students can see all of the reasons why they are so amazing!