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Alphabet Matching Game

Toddlers love ice cream! So what better way to introduce them to the alphabet than through ice cream! This game allows you to introduce both uppercase and lowercase at the same time.

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Alphabet matching game using ice cream scoops and cones

Toddlers start to recognize letters early on, so this game will be fun for matching. Many believe that toddlers can only handle uppercase letters, but that isn’t necessarily true. Introducing both uppercase and lowercase at the same time can also be helpful to toddlers. This game allows for that but also can be adaptable to do one or the other. For toddlers, you will want to do this type of game one on one or with a very small group. You can also print it onto thick cardstock, laminate and then place magnets on the back so they can play with it at the magnet center.

You do not need to expect each toddler to master letter recognition, but this is a great way to introduce them to it and scaffold in a fun way. To make sure it is developmentally appropriate, have the scoops and cones be large for toddlers to be able to grip easily.

It is very hard to find any alphabet matching games with just uppercase. Most have uppercase as the cone and lowercase as the scoop, so if you cannot find one that suits your needs, it is so easy to create your own!


For each set you will need:

Copy of alphabet matching game (download our PDF above for printables!)

Surface to lay out all of the pieces

Magnetic strips (if making this a magnet matching game)

Blue painters tape (optional)

Learning Outcomes




Letter recognition


Match uppercase “scoop” with “cone”


Step 1:

Choose an area to have this matching game. It can be on a table top or on a vertical magnetic surface.

Step 1:

Use blue painters tape to make a definitive line between where the cones are (below line) and where the scoops are (above line) for younger toddlers. This game is great as a magnetic vertical activity for little ones so it can be at eye level.

Step 3:

Encourage toddler to match the cone (uppercase) with the scoop (uppercase and/or lowercase) As you make the match, say the letter out loud and encourage your toddler to say it, too.

Step 4:

When you make a match, pretend to take a bite/lick of the ice cream and say, “Yum yum!”

Playful Questions

What letters are in my name?

How many letters can I recognize?

How many letters are there?

What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?

When does my family eat ice cream?

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