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All About Movements

Children will learn about various body parts through movements.

There is so much to discover about oneself through movement!

Children explore different ways of moving their bodies and different ways toys and objects move.

Set up different physical activities for your students that demonstrate movement. Options includes throwing a ball into a basket, rolling a ball into bowling pins, tape in different shapes on the floor for students to hop from one to the other, toy cars set up to “race,” etc. 

Through movement this is where children will become more self aware of the body parts they are using. All while having so much fun!

For Infants: Encourage children to crawl or stand using toys or objects. Pop-up toys and books they can interatct with are also encouraged.

Older Toddlers: Challenge older children different forms of movement (yoga poses, skipping, galloping etc). Depending on the child you may offer stationary fine motor (activities puzzles, lacing cards etc).


For this developmental activity you will need:

Various objects to help with motor skills- ball, blocks, toy cars, etc

Copy of Getting Ready book

Learning Outcomes




Physical Health, Growth Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Curiosity, Initiative Risk-Taking


Using various parts of our body to complete different movements.


Step 1:

Have children gather around in a large circle and ask them to tell you if you are still or moving. Play the song “Hold Still” by Yo Gabba Gabba. Ask: what was more fun- wiggling or staying still? Why? 

Step 2:

Have groups of 2-3 students go to different stations that are set up around the room. Each station will explore either fine motor skills or gross motor skills. Have adults in the room facilitate and help students say what body part they are using.

Step 3:

Come back as a whole group after some time has passed and have students point to the body part that they used for each activity. Have students say the body part. Then, later in the day, read the story “Get Ready.”

Activity Author

Photo of Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes
Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes| Early Childhood Educators

Play to Grow is an online platform that provides virtual learning experiences for children in their early years. Our mission at Play to Grow is not only to offer unique educational opportunities but more importantly to keep little minds active, engaged, and excited to learn while promoting social and emotional development in lieu of traditional learning.

Playful Questions

How does moving make you feel?

How does X toy move?

How does a ball move?

Are there any toys that move similar to you?

What's your favorite body part to move?

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