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All About Me - A Short Story

This short story will remind children that everyone is different! Going beyond physical traits, every kid will have different preferences of animals, colors, stories, food, hobbies, and much more! And that is amazing! We can learn from each other and benefit from everyone's experience.

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Story Time!

Nobody is like you.

My favorite color is green.

But perhaps yours is blue.

My favorite animal is the panda.

You might prefer a kangaroo.

I like to swim across the lake.

You might suggest a canoe.

I love to eat a slice of cake.

But you would rather a stew.

Don't you feel a stomach ache.

When you bite more than you can chew?

I might run away from snakes.

When you see one, you say "Yahoo"!

When I get home, I love to bathe.

You run away from the shampoo.

I love to draw with colored pencils.

You might select the glitter glue.

I think it's clear where I am going.

But we have time for a review.

Nobody is like me.

I love to drink a cup of coffee.

You might prefer a sip of tea.

I love to travel to the mountains.

You take vacations on the sea.

I might think that math is hard.

For you it's simple as 1-2-3.

I might drive and think it's boring.

You take a ride and say "whoopee".

I might like to stay at home.

But you would rather climb a tree.

For now one thing should be clear.

As I am sure you will agree.

It makes me smile from cheek to cheek.

That everybody is so unique.

by Mathias Neves


• A comfy seat, maybe a nice pillow or blanket

• The story printable

Learning Outcomes




Enjoying literacy


Showing pleasure and enjoyment during activities with language, music, and print materials


Step 1:

Print out the story and set aside digital gadgets for a while

Step 2:

Sit down with your child in a comfy place

Step 3:

Ready, set and read!

Step 4:

Ask the playful questions listed below to take the activity further.

Activity Author

Photo of Mathias
Mathias| Author

Hi! I’m Mathias Neves, a Toronto-based Brazilian author. My books and short stories are mostly focused on mental health, but I believe the most boring of topics can be made interesting for children. When not writing, you can find me working as a digital marketer at HiMama.

Playful Questions

• What is your favorite color?

• What is your favorite food?

• What is your favorite animal?

• What is your favorite season?

• What are you really good at?

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