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All About Me and Animals

Children will learn and observe similarities with themselves when exploring the basic needs of animals and plants.

Discovering what children have in common with plants and animals.

This activities demonstrates that animals need food, shelter, and love just like we do. Children will learn that animals and plants require care just like humans do. This activity will help spark lots of conversation around routines and the basics of daily living.  

Consideration: If plants or pets are not an option for your setting, you can create or buy a bird feeder and place it outside where the children can see.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Learning Outcomes




Observation and Inquiry, Life Science, Self-Awareness, Self-Concept


Basic needs of pets and similarities with humans.


Step 1 

Prior to this day, have parents send in photos of their pet OR a pet they wish they could have. If all possible, ask for photos of when the animals were babies. Also, invite students to bring in their favorite stuffed animal for this opening day of the theme.

Step 2

Show photos of baby animals on a large screen (if possible). Show some of the students’ photos as well as ones from the internet. Have students share what they see in each photo. What are the animals doing? 

Step 3

Ask students what animals need to live. Try to encourage words like: food, water, a home (shelter). Ask students to compare to what humans need. Are they similar? Different? How?

Step 4 

Have pairs of students get together and share what stuffed animal they brought and what they would do if their stuffed animal was real. How would they care for it? 

Step 5

Show class that starting today, we will have a class pet (or plant). Discuss what needs this particular class pet/plant has, and who will care for it. Assign the job and explain that this new job will be in the rotation for class helper jobs. 

Step 6 

As a class, review ways we will help take care of our new “friend,” and write them big on chart paper and hang near where it will be kept. 

Activity Author

Photo of Nina-Marie Mariconda
Nina-Marie Mariconda| Registered Early Childhood Educator

Nina-Marie Mariconda is the owner and operator of Cloud 9 Child Care. When she was expecting her first born she wanted to know more about Child Development and how to positively shape the leaders of tomorrow. She has been a RECE and practicing in the field for almost 7 years and she enjoys every aspect that comes with it. Her career makes life fun!

Playful Questions

How do we communicate with animals?

How are animals similar to us? Do they need a home, food and love?

Where have you seen animals before?

How do plants grow?

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