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All About Friendship

This activity helps children build social awareness.

Let's talk about Friendship!

This is a great activity to discuss with the children what having friends really means. Puppets or hand made felt people are utilized to help explain the meaning of friendship. Children will also use the puppets to point our or name a special friend.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Puppets or hand made felt people (as seen in image)

A variety of toys

Learning Outcomes




Dramatic Play and Imagination, Trust and Relationships, Feelings and Emotions


Building social awareness.


Step 1:

Form a circle with the children and place the variety of toys in the centre. Ask the children to share their names.

Step 2:

Review “what is a friend?” Ask the children to share their ideas and contribute to the discussion.

Step 3:

 Introduce puppets and ask who would like to be this puppet's friend?

Step 4:

Let the children pass the puppets around and take turns naming or pointing at a friend in the circle. You can even name the puppets with the children.

Step 5:

Once the child has identified a friend with the help of a puppet, invite the children to choose a toy from the centre of the circle and go play together.

As the children play, talk about the importance of sharing and caring for friends. 

Activity Author

Photo of Taylor Hernandez
Taylor Hernandez| Early Childhood Educator

Taylor is an Early Childhood Educator with over 16 year experience in the field. She currently teaches Child Development courses at the college level and loves to connects with current and future educators through her community @EarlyChildhoodSquad.

Playful Questions

What is a friend?

Can you name a friend?

What is something kind that you have done for a friend?

What is something kind a friend has done for you?

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