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A, B C, Tumble Down D

Build receptive language (listening and understanding), Expressive language (speaking a second language), letter and alphabet recognition, block play.

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Explore block play and letter recognitions!

Whatever preschool age a child is learning through play and music is a great way to take the pressure off in an engaging way. 

Children learn and retain more information through hands-on experiences. When a child is building with blocks, physically touching and seeing the letters, they will process all the information more effectively. Multiple senses are being used while building their cognitive skills through block play. 

Extending the experience through connecting it with music not only enhances retaining the information, it helps build the child’s language and vocabulary.


For this developmental activity you will need:

A B C, Tumble Down D Nursery Rhyme Story Prop (see Resources) 


Letters (Wooden Or Cutout)

Learning Outcomes




Receptive and Expressive Language


Using new vocabulary.

Using full sentences.

Using receptive and expressive language.


Step 1:

Bring out the A B C, Tumble Down D Nursery Rhyme Story Prop (see Resources). 

Step 2:

Sit with the children. You can do this individually with each child, in a small group, or as a large group. 

Step 3:

Look at the picture. What do the children see? Point to the letters on the blocks as you name each one. Point to 
and name the cat. 

Step 4:

Share the rhyme with the children a few times. As the children become familiar with the rhyme, encourage them 
to point to each letter on the blocks as you say it. 

Step 5:

Share the rhyme often. 

A B C, Tumble Down D: A B C, tumble down D. The cat's in the cupboard And can't see me! 

Playful Questions

Can you trace the letters with your fingers?

Can you tell me the letters on the block?

How many letters are there? 

Can you add more letters?

Can you build a taller tower to hold the letter?

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