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Try Out Our New Daily Activity Sharing Feature

Try Out Our New Daily Activity Sharing Feature

Directors can send families a fun at-home activity every weekday!

We know there’s been a lot going on, and through it all HiMama is just as committed to you as you are to your kiddos and their families! What better way to surprise and delight them than with daily activities they can do from their own homes! You can take advantage of this new feature available in HiMama now, here’s how:

You’ll notice a new section at the top of your Director Dashboard:

Select ‘Learn more’ to view today's daily activity:

You’ll be able to preview the message that will be sent to parents. Below that, you will be able to choose who you would like to share this with, and even customize the email. Just be sure not to adjust the HTML code at the end!

Hit ‘Send’ to share the fun, and be sure to check back each weekday for a new daily activity!

Try it Out Now!

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