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Cognitive Domain Activities

Cognitive Domain Activities

The cognitive domain refers to reasoning, thinking and understanding. Cognitive development is important for knowledge growth, as it focuses on how children process their surroundings and solve problems. The cognitive domain includes: cause-and-effect, spatial relationships, problem solving, imitation, memory, number sense, classification, and symbolic play. Young children are naturally curious, so it is really easy to get creative to engage them!

Activity (36)

Colour Matching - Creepy Crawler Pom Pom Cards
Exploring Pine Cones
Exploring Shapes
Nature Light Table
Number Recognition
Number Ice Cream Cone Cards
Representational Work With Loose Parts
What Sinks and Floats in Water?
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Artwork (8)

Coloured Ice Cubes
How many eggs do you count? (marble painted and easel painted eggs)
Paint Sensory Bags
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