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How it Works - Child Care Reports

Use tablets to record & share with parents

Record observations and child care reporting activities quickly and easily on a tablet. Share updates with parents at the click of a button.
Daily Childcare Report Solution
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Child Care Reports Solution

Record updates through a simple, easy to use interface

Updates with the click of a button. Designed specifically to make it faster and more personal than paper based child care reports. Easy to set up. You'll need WiFi and tablets in each room, but we can help with that!

Share pictures and rich daily reports with parents in real time

Send pictures to parents in seconds with automatic, personal, real time email updates. Provide rich daily childcare reports that parents can review at their leisure, at home, at work or even on the go with their smartphones.

iPad solution for daily childcare report
Daycare Newsletter Tool

Allow directors and supervisors to maintain control and visibility

Child care directors and supervisors can see updates from each classroom, providing full visibility of communication in the center. Information is stored digitally so that you don't even need a filing cabinet!