Working With Young Children During COVID-19 [Webinar]

We are now in a time where we need to learn how to live with COVID-19. Reopening child care centers to non-essential workers is just a matter of time. In this webinar, we go through practical strategies on how to support children, parents, and our teams in adapting to the new rules and procedures for everyone’s health and safety after reopening.

🎤 Our Special Guest

Leslie Peters – Sr. Educational Director of Our Kids Place

Leslie is the Senior Educational Director of Our Kids Place, a preschool and NYC DOE Universal Pre-Kindergarten site in Queens, New York. In addition to her role as a Director, she is a consultant and coach to other programs and educators in her area. She is also a Teachstone CLASS Observer and a PDI Specialist for educators looking to obtain their CDA in Early Childhood Education. 

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes from Leslie

  1. Consider implementing a “Think Tank” at your center – Include as many voices as possible in building out new policies and procedures by asking different teacher leaders and office staff. After that, run through the results with another group of administrators and staff at your center to see what they think. This way, everyone gets to weigh in and it becomes a living and breathing process.
  2. Adopt a flexible attitude – Things in the near future will be changing every single day. A smart way to adapt is to be flexible and go with the flow.
  3. Six general things to consider when reopening – Health checks, removing porous materials from the center, considering curb side drop-off and pick-up for kids, changing room arrangement, different dramatic play clothing.
  4. Empathize with your team – Take care of your team by listening and validating their feelings. It’s okay to be anxious about reopening – talk through these feelings so that everyone is assured that their safety is prioritized at the center. This will translate to a calm environment for the kids when they come back.

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Audience Shoutouts!

Sheri Castellarin:
I’ve taught my kids via Zoom to wrap their arms around themselves and I wrap mine around myself and we both squeeze ourselves and we call it the socially distant hug. I always ask if they got the hug I sent them and they always say YES!

Lela DuBose:
Yes we continually remind them about hand washing ; covering our coughs; practice air hugs via zoom; books on Covid/Child appropriate books that is easy for them to understand and also talk to the families so they know what to expect.

Lydia Mata:
We have different companies who we have partnered with who are providing our children and families with food. We just did a delivery yesterday – each child got 3 bags: 1 bag=14 cartons of milk, 1 bag= 7 breakfast meals, 1 bag=7 lunch meals

Tonya Acker:
Etsy is selling masks with a clear plastic type covering so kids can see your face better

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Carmen Choi

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