Why Your Parent Sign In Sheet Should Be Digital

The parent sign in sheet is an essential part of the daily routine for many child care providers. However, a digital parent sign in sheet has many advantages when compared to a typical paper-based sign in system.

At the beginning of the day, parents drop off their child at preschool, signing in the child with his or her name, the time they were dropped off, and a signature. This record serves as the child care center’s proof that the child did indeed attend preschool on a certain day, shows who exactly dropped them off, and effectively becomes the caregiver’s attendance sheet for the rest of the day. While these records have traditionally been paper-based, implementing a digital sign in process can dramatically improve your current process. Here’s how:

They Won’t Get Lost

The simple fact that your daily sign in sheet is stored digitally and in the cloud means that you’ll always have a copy of that record. Need to check who was in attendance last Tuesday for billing purposes? Need to take attendance during a fire drill – or a real emergency? Your staff won’t have to worry about losing the paper parent sign in sheet, since they can access it from a tablet or mobile device wherever they are.

They Make Sign-In Faster

Parents can be in a big rush during morning drop off time. They may need to get to work, or get their other children to school on time. A paper sign in sheet slows down the drop off process significantly when each parent must write down their child’s name and sign your sheet. When in digital format, parents can sign in their child quickly with the touch of a button.

They Save Your Staff Time

If your preschool ever has to provide documentation to regulatory bodies to show attendance records, a digital parent sign in sheet is a real time-saver. Rather than having your staff spend hours sorting through paper files, you can create and print an attendance report with all the information required quickly and easily.

They Make Sign Out Easy Too!

Just like the sign in process, the sign out process will be made much simpler when it is in digital format. A digital parent sign out sheet makes it safer and more efficient for children to be picked up at the end of the day, making sure you never accidentally lose a sign out record.

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Savannah Copland

Savannah Copland is a Marketing Manager at HiMama. She has been working for over 3 years in the early childhood education space, and feels incredibly fortunate to have met, interviewed, and worked closely with registered early childhood educators, thought leaders and researchers during that time. She is particularly interested in finding novel ways for child care centers to market themselves and bolster their enrollment. She loves cats, and always needs at least one toy on her desk to fidget with!