Why invest in child care staff training and development

For many child care facilities, training and professional development are often more of a “nice-to-have” rather than a “must-have” offering to Educators. However, effectively building the skills of your team can have an enormous impact on your center’s success. Though child care staff training does involve an investment of time and money, keep in mind that having a growing team boosts the overall performance of your center and ultimately your bottom line.

There are many child care staff training opportunities available, ranging from safety training to conferences, certifications, in-classroom courses and online courses, such as HiMama Academy. No matter which type of training you choose to invest in as an early years leader, your facility will experience a number of benefits.

You Can Provide Better Care

Most importantly, investing in staff training will allow you to provide better quality care to children and families. Whether you choose to train your staff in first aid techniques or the latest approaches to understanding childhood development, the results benefit every child you care for. Your staff will ultimately be better equipped to provide outstanding care and enhanced learning.

You Can Build Your Reputation

Better quality child care means happier children and parents – and that means more business! Your child care center’s reputation will receive a boost when you make an investment in training your staff. Not only will you benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations among parents, you’ll be able to market your child care facility as having highly trained and qualified staff. This is one of the key deciding factors for parents who are looking for the right child care provider for their child.

You Can Attract and Retain Talented Staff

By offering child care staff training courses and the opportunity to earn additional qualifications, your center will be able to attract more talented candidates for job openings. Early childhood educators looking to advance their careers will search for a position that offers great benefits such as professional development opportunities. Once you have a stellar team in place, training will also help you retain them.

Your Staff Will Help You Innovate

When your staff attends training courses, they will be exposed to new concepts or research, and begin to develop new and creative ideas that will allow your child care center to become more successful. Employees will be invested in improving your center, its processes and its curriculum to reflect what they have learned. As a result, your preschool will become more innovative, more efficient and more productive as a whole.

Though investing in training has its costs, the benefits of going above and beyond the minimum requirements for your child care staff training are extremely valuable to your center and its families. To become a sought-after child care center in your community, consider how you will integrate staff training into your employee benefits.

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