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Where to Start Your Search For Early Childhood Education Jobs

Where to Start Your Search For Early Childhood Education Jobs

February 12, 2016 | Ron Spreeuwenberg
Whether you are a graduate or an educator with years of experience under your belt, you may be on the lookout for an early childhood education job that allows you to make the next move in your career. It can be tough to navigate the job search process without proper guidance. After you’ve updated your resume, LinkedIn profile and have your references ready, your next step is to start applying!

If you’re not sure where to start your search for early childhood education jobs, we’ve compiled the following list of places to begin your job hunt:

General job search sites are a good place to start looking for your next career move.

These websites will post a range of positions that may apply to ECEs. Many sites aggregate postings from a multitude of other websites, making them a good place to find all job openings that may be of interest to you. The jobs listed on sites such as Indeed, Workopolis or Monster will come from a range of sources, including private child care facilities, public schools, government institutions and more.

Why not let employers find you?

Most online job boards allow users to upload resumes, which are then made searchable by potential employers. Create a catchy and attractive headline for your posting and make sure your resume is updated regularly for best results. Putting yourself out there to be found could land you an opportunity that you had never considered before!

You might also want to start directly at the source if you are looking for a specific type of position or have a dream employer in mind.

Check these websites directly for career postings, drop off resumes and introduce yourself to potential superiors if possible. Even if they’re not hiring at the moment, making it known that you are very interested could benefit you in the future.

Network with peers, friends, past teachers – everyone you know who may have connections to early childhood education job opportunities.

These people may be able to alert you to upcoming ECE jobs, or put you in touch with someone who can open doors to potential jobs that suit your experience.

Attend industry events to meet thought leaders in early childhood education and like-minded professionals.

Conferences, webinars and professional development courses can connect you with companies, child care centers and possibly future coworkers and employers.

HiMama has recently launched our own job search site!

Our jobs site is designed to connect high-quality ECEs with great early childhood education jobs across Canada. When you search for jobs with HiMama, you can feel comfortable knowing that all open positions have been reviewed by our staff for quality and are directly related to ECE – no more searching through pages of job postings that aren’t relevant to you and your skills!

HiMama wishes you the best of luck on your search for the ideal ECE job. Remember to check the HiMama Jobs site regularly for the best early childhood education jobs from top quality employers!

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