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What to expect during a childcare interview

Deciding to take on a new childcare position is a big commitment that comes with a lot of critical responsibilities. Interviewers are looking to learn whether potential educators are up to the challenge both in terms of skill and enthusiasm. Preparing for a childcare interview properly will help you have a higher chance of getting the job!

Here are 3 things to expect during a childcare interview:

1. Interview attire – making an impression

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Employers form initial impressions based on a collection of things including appearance and attire, greeting, and even body language. Proper attire and a neat appearance are essential to making a positive first impression. Childcare sometimes requires getting dirty, so overly formal attire is not appropriate, but meeting a professional standard is still important. Beyond the initial impression, interviewers notice communication style. Polite confidence translates into interest and eagerness.

2. Answering a range of questions

Childcare entails many things and interviewers want to cover all the bases. Be prepared to answer questions on the following topics:

  • Experience: First and foremost, employers want to know about your experience level. Questions may include probes about the amount of experience, range in age of children worked with, comfort with different age groups, and specific skill sets.
  • Activities: To touch upon creativity, interviewers may ask for examples of activities. Examples should focus on the target position in terms of age group, setting, and educational approach.
  • Discipline: While each childcare placement will have its own discipline standards, interviewers are likely to ask about an interviewee’s discipline beliefs.
  • Safety: Interviewees are usually asked about their experience in childcare emergencies. CPR and First Aid certifications along with background checks are often required.

3. Asking appropriate questions

Employers will open the floor to the interviewee to ask questions about the setting and placement. Being prepared to ask appropriate and insightful questions shows that a candidate has done their research and has serious intentions. It’s also important for the interviewee to determine whether the setting is suitable for them.

Knowing what to expect during a childcare interview helps with preparing sufficiently to allow for a smooth and effective presentation.

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