What does NAEYC Do?

NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) is more than just an accreditation program for preschools, daycares and other early years care programs. While the organization does offer a wealth of resources and assistance to help in achieving their accreditation, they also provide a wide range of opportunities for caregivers to expand their knowledge.

NAEYC undertakes a number of additional initiatives to help enhance the professional development of caregivers and help ensure that a high level of care and education is provided to children and their families across the country.

Below are some of the opportunities provided by NAEYC and how you as an early childhood educator can take advantage of them.

Face-To-Face Training

NAEYC offers a number of in-person training opportunities across the United States, exploring topics such as professional ethics, developmentally appropriate practices and program administration. Educators will gain practical experience in full-day, hands on workshops and also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.

Events and Conferences

NAEYC puts on two major conferences each year: the NAEYC Annual Conference and the NAEYC Professional Learning Institute. The Annual Conference see tens of thousands of early childhood educators gather together to attend presentations, workshops and more on the newest research in the field, and network with others on the latest trends and standards of quality in the industry. The Professional Learning Institute conference offers speeches and sessions by leading minds in early childhood education, offering an excellent opportunity for NAEYC members to advance their skills and discover more about topics they are interested in.

Technology-Based Learning

NAEYC’s technology-based learning programs are an excellent way for ECEs to learn new skills at their own pace. With online learning opportunities, you can connect with experts in education, engage in reflective activities and watch pre-recorded webinars from thought leaders. If you don’t have the ability to attend NAEYC’s in-person training sessions or conferences, these resources are a convenient and affordable way to further your learning.

Career Portal

If you’re searching for a new job, or are an employer looking to hire a highly qualified early childhood educator, NAEYC offers a career portal to access and create job postings. The Career Center is an ideal place for skilled ECEs to connect with reputable employers.

The many professional development and networking opportunities offered by NAEYC do more than just help educators enhance their skills and knowledge – they also work hand in hand with the standards for accreditation the organization has set forth with the goal of creating a better level of care and learning for children across the U.S.

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