What Child Care Safety Policies Do I Need to Be Compliant?

Ensuring that safety standards are up to par is arguably the most critical element of maintaining an early education setting.

Being responsible for children is a tall order that requires vigilance. The focus on school and childcare safety is heightened these days. Ensuring that safety standards are up to par is arguably the most critical element of maintaining an early education setting. Knowing the necessary safety policies will help keep the setting secure.

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Here are 3 child care safety policies that must be in place for compliance:

Background Checks

It is necessary to have background checks performed for all staff members involved in an early education setting. Background checks performed must include fingerprinting to protect against carers’ potential use of aliases.

Background checks are essential to ensure compliance with child care safety standards, and also reassure parents that their children are in capable and appropriate hands.

Teacher Trainings

To comply with safety standards, it is essential for staff to have various teacher training certifications. All educators should have completed basic trainings related to caring for children.

In addition to child care trainings, educators should be sufficiently trained in basic safety procedures including first aid, CPR, and emergency preparedness. Keeping staff engaged in ongoing trainings is a critical part of ensuring they are up-to-date with acceptable child care practices.

Teacher-Child and Group Ratio Limits

States determine the teacher-child ratios which set a minimum number of adults required for the safe care of a group of children. Group size limits dictate the maximum number of children allowed under the provider’s care in an early education setting.

Low teacher-child ratios increase the quality of care and safety standards, as an environment is created with low-stress, positive caregiving, more individualized attention.

Following child care safety policies is a vital part of running a successful early education setting and ensuring that children are properly cared for.

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