Providing quality childcare: 11 rules to live by for childcare centers [Webinar]

In this webinar we were joined by Judy Jablon and Nichole Parks from Leading for Children, and Marneshia Cathey from West Point Christian Preschool! Judy and Nichole joined us to discuss how we can build more opportunities and create communities where all children are given the chance to thrive, and Marneshia shared real life examples of how they implemented these 11 rules at their center. We learn the critical role that early childhood educators play in ensuring that children grow and develop in communities where they feel safe and secure. You will leave this webinar with 11 important rules to live by that will guide you in creating relationships at your center that are honest, trusting, open, safe, organized and respectful. Keep reading to download and watch the recording!

🎤Our Special Guests:

Judy Jablon – Founder and Executive Director at Leading for Children

Judy Jablon is the founder and executive director of Leading for Children, a national non-profit organization. Judy has spent more than thirty-five years in early learning beginning as a teacher. Moving from direct work with children to professional development, she has always emphasized the importance of guiding educators to use their collective wisdom to support and extend quality learning for young children and adults. Judy began Leading for Children in 2016 to focus on equity in early learning by ensuring that all the adults in the young child’s ecosystem can come together to collectively solve the challenges of their communities by using their wisdom and experience. 

Nichole Parks – Director of Programs at Leading for Children

Nichole Parks is Director of Programs at Leading for Children. She supports the development and implementation of national programs that promote self-empowerment, equitable learning partnerships, and ultimately, thriving communities for children and families. Ms. Parks is committed to equity in early learning, and she partners with communities across the country to foster collaboration and co-construction of program implementation. Prior to joining Leading for Children, Nichole was the Quality Rating Improvement System Program Coordinator with A-State Childhood Services. 

Marneshia Cathey – Director at West Point Christian Preschool

For over a decade, Marneshia Cathey has leveraged her position as Director of West Point Christian Preschool to be a champion for early childhood education. A native of Milwaukee, WI, Marneshia moved to Hattiesburg, MS to attend The University of Southern Mississippi where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education. She has gained tactile work experience through her roles in higher education, local government, and legislative administration. Marneshia has received her state and national director’s credentials and has earned numerous continuing education hours in the area of Early Childhood. Marneshia is married to her husband of 24 years, Marcus Cathey. Together they are founders of West Point Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS where she also started and served as the coordinator for the preschool ministry. She has three children, one daughter-in-law and one granddaughter.

🧪Key Learning Outcomes from Judy, Nichole & Marneshia!

  • Relationships and interactions are critical to building thriving communities.
  • Relationships must be two-way and built on mutuality and reciprocity so both people feel seen and heard.
  • The physical classroom environment must be respectful and inclusive so all children feel welcomes, represented, supported and that they belong.
  • Learning experiences that are open ended and exploratory create a space where children can bring their own uniques interests, skills and questions into the activity.
  • Create local resources for how to build a thriving community in your region.


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Maddie Hutchison

Maddie is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master's in Early Childhood Studies. Her specialty is in Children's Rights and she is currently a Content Strategist for HiMama!