Expert Panel: The State of childcare in 2022 [Webinar]

In this webinar we were joined by Andrew Roszak, Cindy Lehnhoff and Dr. Calvin Moore, who shared their expert insights on the childcare industry in 2022! They shared their findings on matters such as; why centers are struggling with staff retention, what is the average salary for an early childhood educator, the number one thing centers are doing to thrive, what educators are looking for in 2022, the impact of COVID-19 and so much more! This is the webinar where all of your burning questions get answered!

🎤Our Special Guests:

Andrew Roszak from The Institute of Childhood Preparedness!

After working in early childhood for three years and emergency preparedness for over 20 years, Andrew Roszak founded the Institute For Childhood Preparedness in August 2018. Their multidisciplinary team is made up of award-winning first responders and early childhood education specialists with decades of real-world experience. The Institute is the only organization providing trainings that are specifically designed for early childhood professionals and those caring for infants, toddlers, and children. Their mission is to empower Early Childhood Professionals with the tools, training, resources, and skills they need to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies and disasters

Dr. Calvin Moore from The Child Development Association!

CDA Council for Professional Recognition For more than four decades, the CDA Council has pivoted to respond to evolving best practices in early childhood education, advances in technology, and the growing diversity of individuals who are pursuing ECE as a career for the betterment of our profession, our educators, and our children. The Council for Professional Recognition promotes improved performance and recognition of professionals in the early childhood education of children ages birth to 5 years old. They work to ensure that all professional early childhood educators and caregivers meet the developmental, emotional, and educational needs of our nation’s youngest children. 

Cindy Lehnhoff from the National Childcare Association!

Cindy Lehnhoff is the director of the National childcar association. The NCCA’s mission is to promote the success of licensed providers in quality early care and education, including the provision of professional development, advocacy, and community engagement. They believe every child deserves early care and education at the highest standards and educate and advocate for sustainable policies and practices that are beneficial to young children. NCCA represents quality, licensed providers as critical partners in the delivery of high-quality, affordable child care.

🧪Key Learning Outcomes from Dr. Moore, Andy and Cindy!

  • In 2021, 30% of centers were over 90% enrolled, with another 14% at 80-90%.
  • Staffing continues to remain a challenge, with 48% of centers still understaffed.
  • As of 2022 31% of educators remain in the $20,000 – $30,000 salary range, while 60% of directors are making more than $40,000.
  • Childcare providers looking for curriculum or activity inspiration have the most trust in companies or educators in the early childhood education space they already know.
  • 74% of educators are primarily discussing education best-practices with their colleagues in their centers. Moving into 2022 educators are looking for more opportunities for collaboration!
  • It is estimated that the industry lost about 300,000 (1/3 of its workforce) childcare professionals at the beginning of COVID and approximately educators 125,000 have never returned
  • The American Rescue and Relief Plan (ARPA) provided $24B in childcare stabilization grants, and an additional $15B to the Child Care and Development Fund. This is the largest single investment in child care funding in US history.
  • The most important factor for centers success strategies in 2022 was focusing on customer satisfaction. 
  •  The pandemic encouraged systemic changes to the health and safety of operations and increased our awareness of cleaning, disinfecting, and the importance of hand-washing.


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