Co-regulation as the path to self-regulation in the classroom[Webinar]

In this webinar we were joined by Dr. Donna Housman and Emily Stone from The Housman Institute! Dr. Housman and Emily joined us for an interactive webinar all about how educators can develop positive, supportive and responsive relationships with children, and how these relationships supports the development of self-regulation skills. This webinar will focus on the role educators play as the key socializers in a child’s development. This is the third webinar in a 3-part series that you do not want to miss! Keep reading to watch the recording and download the slides!

🎤Our Special Guest:

Dr. Donna Housman – CEO of Housman Institute

Dr. Donna Housman, Ed.D is the founder and CEO of Housman Institute, which conducts research on emotional intelligence in young children and develops high-quality programs to train early childhood educators. Dr. Housman has over thirty-five years of experience as a psychologist in the field of child development and early childhood education. 

Emily Stone – Manager of Curriculum & Coaching at Housman Institute

Emily worked at Housman Institute’s lab school for five years. She began her work teaching preschool and Pre-K and went through years of training from Dr. Donna Housman in the begin to ECSEL program. Emily became the Program Manager where she then trained and coached teachers in their classroom implementation of begin to ECSEL language, tools, and techniques, as well as in their ECSEL-integrated emergent curriculum. Emily’s passion for the program led her to join Housman Institute full time as a Content and Curriculum Development Specialist & Coach. She is now the Manager of Curriculum & Coaching where she writes and oversees content created for the institute’s programs.

🧪Key Learning Outcomes from Dr. Housman & Emily!

  • Children need positive, supportive & responsive relationships to develop the skills of self-regulation.
  • Trusted adults are key socializers, and your emotionality as educators and caregivers is imperative for children’s optimal development.
  • Co-regulation involves responsive interactions from significant adults. Through co-regulation, children internalize interactions paving the way to self-regulation.
  • Co-regulation in the early years helps children to understand their emotions and begin to calm down with the support and guidance of a trusted adults. This will eventually lead children to develop agency and sense of control when they are dysregulated.


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Maddie Hutchison

Maddie is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master's in Early Childhood Studies. Her specialty is in Children's Rights and she is currently a Customer Advocacy Specialist for HiMama!

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