Trauma Informed Methods for Early Educators [Webinar]

In this webinar, we talk about how to use a trauma-informed lens to work through the COVID-19 pandemic.

šŸŽ¤ Our Special Guests

Charlie Peck – Trauma Practitioner

Charle Peck is a Certified Trauma Educator with a wealth of academic credentials who helps school communities thrive. Her extensive experience as an educator, mental health professional, and mom of 3 boys uniquely positions her as a renowned expert in her field. Charleā€™s goal is to help children safely reach adulthood with resiliency and empowerment, which begins in the womb. Charle asserts that our children have specific needs in every stage of development thereafter, and many who have experienced trauma or adversity are going unnoticed in our school systems. She has taught social sciences and parenting courses for over 15 years and designed and delivered credit courses on Typical and Atypical development for children 0-3 years to healthcare professionals internationally. Charle is also the creator and host of the podcast Advancing Humanity and invests her time and energy into reaching people on this massive scale hoping for a thriving future.

šŸ§ŖKey points and resources

  • Trauma is personal – It is any experience that leaves a person feeling fearful or hopeless and can be a real or perceived threat.
  • The mind & body connection – Stress affects the mind & body. To calm the mind, start with breathing exercises to calm the body.
  • Practice empathy – When working with young children who are acting out, a good first step is to get curious and ask “why”

Useful links:

Shoutouts from the audience

Debra Nelli
I have done the self study online course from STARR titled Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools

Theresa Sims
for First Nations we sing with the drum lullaby and heartbeat drumming

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