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Training on a budget at your childcare center

In a recent webinar, we welcomed Arianne Cesar, consultant and CEO of Childcare Provider Services! Arianne joined us to discuss how we can create a more positive work culture within our centers and make sure our educators are feeling valued and recognized for their work. Through quality leadership, effective communication, staff incentives, and investing in the growth and development of ourselves and our educators, we can increase positivity at work! 

Watch the webinar that inspired this blog post here

The biggest mistake childcare center owners and directors make when it comes to staff is that once they hire, they stop training.” 

There is a very high staff turnover rate in childcare centers. It is imperative that educators stay motivated and excited to come to work each day. The workplace environment plays a very large role in this. 

Top five reasons staff leave

  • Lack of respect
  • No plan for growth
  • Lack of training
  • Low pay
  • Lack of appreciation 

According to Zippia, 79% of employees quit due to a lack of appreciation.”

Staff development and training

Providing professional development helps staff feel like they are a part of a bigger vision. Everyone should be studying and growing in their craft consistently. If your educators are in school for early childhood education they should be encouraged to use what they are learning in the classroom to gain experience in their day-to-day activities. It is important to translate learnings into the real world. 

Benefits of training your staff

  • Increased professionalism
  • Learn one → teach one. This is the principle that people generally share what they learn with others so that they can grow from it as well! 
  • Promote staff to new positions in the center
  • Improved skill sets
  • Improves center reputation 
  • Increases creativity
  • Sets expectations 
  • Reduces turnover
  • Encourages staff to get involved in their center 

When staff feel as though they are being encouraged, they will go the extra mile. They will spread the word about your center and its positive culture. When your staff feed into your vision it is a constant circle of improvement and raising the bar. 

For example, every year at my center we would have a prom. The educators would give me a list and I would go get the supplies. Every person from every classroom would decorate their classroom on theme. This was an example of team building that they arranged themselves, similar to potlucks. They came up with the vision and I supported it. When everyone comes together for one purpose it is a beautiful thing. 

Training on a budget

Training, although very important, can also become quite expensive. It is important to find cost-efficient options for your educators to explore. 

  • Start by making a list of areas in training that your educators would benefit from. You can ask them for input as well! Make a list of what they need help with and search for training specific to that. 
  • Search for free training by connecting with companies that do early childhood intervention, Early Childhood Coalitions, consultants, and online you can find free and paid training! 

One example of affordable training options for educators is HiMama Academy! HiMama Academy is a new self-paced, online professional development platform designed to elevate early childhood educators through a wide range of engaging, high-quality training courses. Learn more here! 

Watch the webinar that inspired this blog post here

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Arianne Cesar

Ari has been in the childcare business literally all her life. Her mom had her own center from when she was 4 years old and she went on to own and operate her own center for over 10 years. Childcare is a part of her DNA. Over the years she has developed systems and strategies that help center owners fill piplines and classrooms. Which gave her the opportunity to form Childcare Provider Services. At Childcare Provider Service they help childcare business owners that are tired of being stuck and want to learn how to attract their ideal parents through martketing efforts that work.

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