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Top Preschool Blogs of the Year – 2019

Every year HiMama publishes a list of the top 25 early childhood education blogs, based on popularity, authority, and recent growth. However, this year we decided to do something a little different, and open a contest to select the top preschool blogs of the year.

Preschool blogs were able to opt-in to participate, and public voting was open from October 18th to November 7th. In total, 18 blogs enrolled to participate, from big names in the industry to newer blogs in the preschool scene.

Blog’s reached out to their followers to gather votes and we were humbled by the participation and engagement we had throughout the process. In total, we received an impressive amount of 4800 votes. With no further ado, here are the final results.

1st Place: Preschool Plan It

With a strong performance in the contest from the start, Preschool Plan It gathered more than 2500 votes and reached the 1st place in this year’s contest! Preschool Plan It was founded by Cheryl Hatch, an experienced professional that works in the preschool field since the mid 1990’s. Preschool Plan It offers a variety of lesson plans and activities, among other tips and articles for teachers and directors.

My goal for Preschool Plan It is to provide you, the early childhood educator, with the tools you need to create developmentally appropriate experiences that support the growth and development of your children

Cheryl Hatch

2nd Place: Becker’s Blog – Insights on Early Learning


Becker’s is a traditional family-owned business with more than 90 years of history distributing educational products and school supplies. Their blog includes articles on professional development, sensory play, STEM and much more. Becker’s had an impressive performance in the contest and quickly proved to be a strong contestant, reaching a total of 1250 votes.

It is a true honor to serve the educational community and to get to know so many dedicated teachers and administrators. 

George J. Becker

3rd Place: Child Care Biz Help

Child Care Biz Help

“Child Care Biz Help” was created in 2017 by industry leader Caroline Jens. The blog quickly grew and turned into a childcare business consulting startup and a book (“PROFITS – Childcare Success Formula”). On her blog, you will find articles on training, mental health, leadership, among other topics. This year, Caroline’ participated in The Preschool Podcast, talking about Reinventing Culture in Childcare.

You need to know your values and what really makes you different as a company so that you can confidently show what you have to offer to parents and staff.

Caroline Jens

4th Place: Child Care Lounge

child care lounge

Child Care Lounge was created by Joni Levine, who has been working in the Early Childhood Education field since 1982. The website, founded in 2003, provides online child care classes and resources to child care professionals.

It’s the very serious endeavor of starting a life-long path of learning, and having a little fun along the way!

Joni Levine, on “Why We Play”

5th Place: The Play Coach

Created by Emma Tempest, The Play Coach promotes play as the best way to learn, for both children and adults. Emma has been working in the early childhood sector since 2003, and uses a project approach influenced by Reggio Emilia, Anna Ephgrave and Peter Gray. Her blog is focused on play, but also includes other topics such as mental health and behavior management.

Play joins everybody together – from all ages, races, nationalities and cultures. 

Emma Tempest

Honorary Mention: HiMama’s Early Childhood Education Blog

In order to avoid bias, we chose not to include our own blog as a voting option in the contest. But whenever we are talking about the top preschool blogs out there, we can’t help to mention HiMama’s Early Childhood Education Blog. We focus on providing resources for childcare owners, directors and teachers, such as articles on leadership and management tips. Plus, you can find all the episodes of The Preschool Podcast!

Curious to see what were last years’ results? Check the top 25 early childhood blogs of 2018.

Mathias Neves

Mathias is a marketing specialist with more than 8 years of experience in the field. Due to his background in engineering, he is our go-to person for crunching numbers and finding meaningful information in stats. When not at work, this soon-to-be dad can be found writing a series of books focused on mental health for children and spending time with his family.

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