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Top 5 Preschool Podcast Episodes from 2021

What a year 2021 has been! We are so thankful for our community of educators who tune into our weekly podcast episodes to level up their professional development with us! We really couldn’t have done this without our amazing community of educators.

As we reflect on this incredible year, we’ve rounded up the top 5 podcast episodes of 2021 and are sharing some of our faves. Let us know in the comments below, did we miss any of your faves? What do you want to see in 2022?

#5 The Top 5 Myths Educators Hear from Parents in Early Childhood Education

Episode 263- In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we welcome back Rae Pica, Award-winning early childhood education author, speaker, and online educator. Rae is on a mission to ensure child development guides all of our practices with children! She dives into the myth-busting common misconceptions about young children and parents in this episode.

#4 Diffusing Power Struggles with Young Children

Episode 247- In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we chat with Stacey Band, Educator, Parent Coach, and Founder of Home Day Hero on power struggles with children. Stacey gives several tips on how educators and parents can be more proactive rather than reactive when these power struggles arise.

#3 Building Foundational Social-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood Classrooms

Episode 262-In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we interview Nancy Garrity, Senior Director of Early Childhood at Scholastic. Nancy dives into the topic of social-emotional skills in young children and how educators can support the foundational building blocks of these skills in an early childhood setting.

#2 Improving Children’s Attention Spans Through Play

Episode 246- In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we chat with Prerna Richards, CEO & Founder of Together We Grow on children’s attention spans and how educators and parents can foster learning and regulated attention through intentional play.

#1 The 5 R’s for Teaching Self Regulation in Young Children

Episode 240- As an adult, we can all use a gentle nudge to remind us to practice our self regulation techniques…breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, closing our eyes and counting to 10 or, stepping away from a stressful situation. But, how can we help young children learn these techniques that we’ve been practicing for decades? We connected with Jill Franks, PhD and Health and Wellness Specialist about how educators and parents can teach and practice self-regulation with young kids through 5 easy steps!

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