Tips From The Front Line [Webinar]

In this session of the HiMama Helps Webinar series, we talk to two providers who have kept their centers open as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic. We learn about how their operations have changed over time, new rules they have implemented at their center, and how they are managing their families and staff.

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🎤 Our Special Guests

Jocelyn Filion – Director of the Dr. Earnest Couture Childcare

Jocelyn is the Director of the Dr. Earnest Couture Childcare which is funded by the City of Ottawa (Canada), that has been open to support essential workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes from Jocelyn

  1. Sanitization – Increasing the sanitization schedule with cleaners on site to disinfect the center as well as materials used. Cleaning products are hard to get and his center is working with housekeepers and suppliers to ensure that they have enough of supply.
  2. Working with kids – Increased outdoor play and the center is operating as if they are on outbreak mode, there are no shared toys.
  3. Health check screening – Staff, parents and kids are screened at drop off every day including checking for symptoms and whether they have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. If an individual does not pass the screening, they are sent home for everyone’s safety.

Dani Christine – CEO of

Dani Christine uses her 10+ years of experience as a child care business owner to support and offer guidance for aspiring early childhood entrepreneurs. On, Dani provides consultations and resources for child care professionals to assist them with developing a thriving business and create a positive impact on early learning.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes from Dani

  1. Balancing essential care & remote learning – Two teachers are working at home and responsible for remote learning, while other staff are at the center.
  2. Protective measures – Keeping outdoor shoes sealed in a bag and in each child’s individual cubby helps to control the children’s environment at the center.
  3. New normal – The key thing is to be flexible and adaptable. New policies won’t be the easiest to implement, but health and safety are the top priorities.

Audience Shoutouts!

Health Check is very important in before child/parent enters school building. Our children have a tub with all of their equipment (a crayon box with crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, colored pencils, etc. Every child is assigned a book tub fulled with books for individual use during the week and sanitized weekly & books are rotated. All of our toys and activities are on trays or in tubs and children can choose one. After use, staff sanitizes toys or activities. In their tubs, we also give them their own play doh, slime, and other things that they can play with on their assigned tables. It is a lot of work, but better be safe than sorry.

Families in our centre are only allowed in the foyer/locker area.We stagger the entrance of our families to allow for social distancing. Hand sanitizer and daily question forms need to be completed before a child can stay.

According to CDC rules, parents are not to enter the PS area. We have a check-in station. Our health nurse takes parent/child’s temperature and a staff member meets children in the foyer and escorts children to the classroom

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Carmen Choi

Carmen is the Marketing Coordinator and Preschool Podcast Manager on the HiMama team. She's been working with childcare business owners and consultants for 3 years. She is passionate making connections that empower the ECE Community through knowledge-sharing to support better outcomes for children, their families, and society!