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The Impact of Diversity in Media and Literacy on Empathy at a Young Age

In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we connected with Deedee Cummings, author, CEO, attorney, and therapist. Deedee dives into the premise of her newest book, what inspired her to write it, and the importance of representation of diversity in media and children’s books.

Deedee discusses how her book is changing the ways in which the media portrays the Black Community and People of Color. She aims to share the impact of what happens when children grow up not seeing people who look like them in multimedia. She also discusses the proverbial ‘floodgate’ that has opened up to allow creators from diverse backgrounds to share their stories, their work and, essentially rewriting our future.

When we have books with characters that look like [our children] or experiences that reflect the same experiences they’ve had, they’re much more motivated to read those books.

Deedee Cummings. The Preschool Podcast.

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