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Supporting single parents in our community

Annually, March 21st is National Single Parents Day. On this day and every day, HiMama honors all single parents for their hard work, devotion, and sacrifices. Raising children can be challenging. Doing it without a partner doubles the burden. Whether by choice or circumstance, single parents carry a heavy load. Between work, childcare, appointments, etc, one person can only do so much.

According to the 2016 U.S. Census, 23% of American children are living with a single mother and 4% are living with a single father.

According to a Pew Research study among single parents, the vast majority (81%) are mothers; only 19% are fathers. This gender difference is even more pronounced among black solo parents: 89% are mothers and just 11% are fathers. Among single parents, 42% are white and 28% are black, compared with 55% of cohabiting parents who are white and 13% who are black. 

Single parents are older, more educated, and more likely to have been married than cohabiting parents

Pew Research Study

How to observe National Single Parents Day

  • Show your support and appreciation to a single parent you know with a call or text. 
  • Make this day a special one for a single parent. Watch their child for a few hours, drop off food or a fun activity! 
  • If you’re a single parent, give yourself a pat on the back and some self-appreciation!
  • Share your experiences as a single parent. Our Circle Time group is a safe, supportive space! 
  • Join a group of single parents for support and encouragement.
  • Use #NationalSingleParentDay to post for awareness on social media.

Three-in-ten solo mothers are living in poverty

Pew Research Study

How can we support children of single parents? 

There are so many ways to support children through hard times such as parents separating. Sometimes there is more going on than you know about. Depending on the age of the child, there can be these or other stressors at home that you are unaware of.

Some stressors could be great things like the birth of a new sibling! And some stressors can be negative like a divorce or death in the family. Children respond differently to every situation, and they can’t always “use their words,” but they will often act out. 

If you are having a hard time with a child, chances are that the parents are having a hard time, too. Befriend that parent and get to know what is happening.  Schedule a few conferences and share what you are experiencing. Be empathetic and non-judgmental in your approach. Finding out what is going on beyond the classroom will help open your eyes and soften your heart toward the child. Check out our podcast on how to work through trauma with young children for tips! 

Roughly one-in-four solo parents are living with their own parent

Billing and payment support 

One of the many ways HiMama strives to support single parents is through our billing and payment features. We make it easy to accept online payments from multiple parents for the same child, from different payment methods. This makes it easier for parents to split financial responsibilities fairly and not add to their plates! 

HiMama recognizes and honors the struggles single parents face on a daily basis. We strive to support them as well as their children as much as possible. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see us do, let us know in the comments! 

Christie White

Christie is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at HiMama. She is passionate about children's development, parenting, and supporting the child care industry. She has been working to support child care centers with their events and marketing for almost a decade. In her personal life, Christie lives in Stouffville, ON with her husband Kyle and dog Tucker. She enjoys going for walks, baking, cooking, and watching reality tv!


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