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Supporting Classrooms with Innovative Technology

Supporting Classrooms with Innovative Technology

November 10, 2015 | Amanda Munday
On Wednesday, Canada's new Prime Minister hosted a Google Hangout with 5 classrooms from across the country.

Yep that’s right, we started a new chapter in our government leadership with education and technology at the forefront. As CBC reported, Justin Trudeau hosted a live stream and answered student questions around 2pm the day of his Swearing In ceremony and introduction of Cabinet.

How fantastic is that?! The live stream Q&A signals that our new Prime Minister recognizes the importance of instant connectedness and availability, and the need to innovate in order to stay competitive. We couldn’t agree more.

So should we follow Justin Trudeau’s lead and all start live streaming our new roles and opportunities? Maybe not just yet. But we can definitely can look for ways to make our lives easier and reach our core audience using web-based tools. Most importantly, we can recognize that these are exciting times to bring tech tools into the daily work we are already doing. With the support of the Liberal Government, we are likely to see new initiatives that place an even greater priority on using technology in the classroom. And that’s why at HiMama we are thrilled to provide Early Childhood Educators with the digital tools they need to connect best with their team and parents. We’ve seen that providing parents with real-time digital daily reports becomes an instant differentiator for leading-edge centers and now leading-edge government representatives too! Looking forward to seeing where this new leadership takes us.

Within your survey, it’s important to ask pointed questions that ask parents to rate their satisfaction in regards to your communication methods, payment processes, curriculum, meals and more. Trends in these answers will indicate which parts of your operations are working well, and which are not.

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