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Setting Up Learning Stories Before the School Year Begins

Setting Up Learning Stories Before the School Year Begins

August 14, 2018 | Savannah Copland
Learning stories are a fun and functional way to encourage and track progress throughout the school year.

Writing and keeping track of learning stories fosters a unique bond between teachers, children, and parents. Setting up learning stories before the start of the school year will ensure that things run smoothly.

Educator Tips: Here are 5 tips for setting up learning stories before the school year starts:

1. Set Up an E-Portfolio

Using an e-Portfolio streamlines the process of recording stories for multiple children. It also facilitates simple and organized sharing with parents. Use an app that works on both desktop and phone for more flexibility.

2. Create Individual and Group Profiles

Each child will have their own learning story compilation. However, in group settings, some stories will stem from collective experiences. Having separate individual and group profiles will keep writings and photos arranged functionally. When it’s time to create individual learning stories from group experiences, the transition will be seamless.

3. Map Out the Year’s Themes

In addition to creating learning stories from moments that pop up throughout the year, mapping out specific targets is helpful. Going through each week of the school year and creating a learning story folder for main themes is a systematic approach to gathering learning stories. Pre-planned themes provide useful indicators of each child’s progress.

4. Organize Learning Story Templates
Each learning story follows a standard format:
  • Learning Story
  • Analysis of Learning
  • Extension Ideas
  • Linking to Learning Outcomes

Setting up sections to record each piece of learning story data within individual profiles and themes saves time and effort.

5. Prepare for Spontaneity

When learning story moments present themselves, educators must be prepared to record data. Establish a protocol ahead of time for spontaneous learning stories. Record on paper or a phone app first. Then transfer to the official learning story e-Portfolio at a later, convenient time. The effort that goes into setting up learning stories before the start of the school year pays off in the existence of an organized and seamless process when the learning story moments happen.

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