How To Set Up Remote Learning For Your Child Care Center [Webinar]

In this session of the HiMama Helps Webinar series, we talk about how to implement remote learning at your child care center to keep families engaged and support the learning and development of young children at home during quarantine for COVID-19.

An overview of remote learning 

  • What is remote learning? 
  • Tips for success
  • Tools & technology 
  • How to support  staff & parents 

🎤 Our Special Guest

Juline McLean – Program Director of the Cathay School.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes

Class Packages For Families During COVID-19

  • Wanted to offer learning for the children instead of just closing the school with no connection with families. 
  • Offers class packages where families can drop-in for 1 session or buy bundles of 10 or 30 sessions.
  • Runs sessions on Zoom for 45-minutes per session. 
  • Have different types of classes that are true to what they offer when open, like a Mandarin class, since they are a dual-language immersion program. Also offers creative classes like singing, art, reading.
  • Creates the content so that it is relevant across age groups instead of having age-specific sessions. 

Working With Families To Adjust to Remote Learning

  • The goal with the sessions is to give parents tips and strategies for managing their child’s learning at home. 
  • Don’t believe in full-day online preschool. It’s important for the kids to have a routine during this time and still as active as they would be at the center.
  • Teaching parents about learning and development and emphasizing the importance of making time for social interaction between children and their peers. 
  • Continuing the learning process at home is different and should be a joint-effort between providers and parents. 

Keeping Communication Open with Parents

  • Parents have been appreciative that the center isn’t charging tuition and they still have the option to continue their children’s learning and connecting with educators. 
  • Juline makes it a point to check in on parents who might be overwhelmed by the situation. 
  • Call the families that you haven’t heard from even if it’s just to connect with them and let them know that you are here for them. 

Supporting Staff During This Challenging Time 

  • All staff are on furlough right now so that they can apply for EI and received income during this time. Jobs are being held and secure for each staff member. 
  • Check in with staff members to support them if they need help with the EI application process. 
  • Offer emotional support to your team. 
  • Prioritize your community! 

A special thank you to Juline McLean for spending some time with us and sharing her invaluable insight with the ECE community in this webinar. Connect with Juline on LinkedIn:

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