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Providing high-quality childcare for parents and children [Podcast]

This week on The Preschool Podcast, we are excited to welcome Gigi Schweikert, CEO of Lightbridge Academy Gigi shares her tips on how to provide high-quality childcare at your center that will entice families to stay with you long term!

Lightbridge Academy provides high-quality childcare and education for young children and their families. Their core values set them apart: happiness, integrity, and excellence. They make every decision by those core values and offer many stand-out features such as open-door virtual policies for parents through webcams and facial recognition software to get into the center.

Before the technology of cameras existed, parents could come into a center at any time! Therefore, Lightbridge Academy operates with that same virtual open-door policy. The cameras bring the opportunity for everyone to see what the children are doing every day. This transparency makes the quality of care even stronger.

Gigi believes in making every childhood education a home away from home. Children spend such a significant amount of time in childcare. She tries to create an environment where children feel comfortable doing things that make them full-body learners. She also does not use any bright colors because it is more calming and similar to a home environment.

Early childhood education is all about trust. Parents need to trust a center enough to leave their child there. When a parent senses a red flag, they should bring it up to the educator or Director and see it dealt with immediately. At the end of the day, childcare has to feel right for each parent and child. Everyone deserves access to high-quality childcare and education. Funding from subsidies is one thing that can help providers and families meet this goal. Listen to the full episode below to learn more!

Gigi’s recommended resources:

The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

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