Revisited: Creating a culture of community in your preschool [Podcast]

This week’s episode of the Preschool Podcast will be the final one of this year. The show will be on hiatus until early 2023. So, we thought we’d wrap up our 333rd episode by going all the way back to the beginning and revisiting our very first episode from 2016. Creating a culture of community in your preschool features Debbi Sluys, Director of Growing Together Family Resource Centre in Blenheim, Ontario. 

Ron and Debbi discuss the changes she’s witnessed in early childcare over the course of her career, and her advice for running a successful childcare organization that encourages learning, leadership, and a sense of community.

At Growing Together, we tend to lead as “servant leaders”. I try to lead from behind, where I’m coaching, encouraging, and inspiring but I don’t need to be out front–and I’ll always try to do it with a spirit of kindness.

Debbi Sluys, Dare to Declare, Inc.

Thank you to all of the listeners who have joined and kept up with us this past year!

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