Preschool Activity Inspiration: Shark Tank!

Have you been looking for new activities in your child care or preschool programs to explore water, aquatic and marine life in your classroom? With summer just around the corner, why not complement the ABCs by introducing activities related to water and fish with your preschoolers, like Shark Tank Jello!

Although child care apps are our primary focus here at HiMama, sometimes we get side-tracked by fun preschool activities!

We thought a fun theme might be to explore sharks and the biggest shark tank of all, the ocean, so we’ve included some activity ideas and links to templates. Check out the shark inspiration and great resources below for your preschool or child care program (our personal favourite is the Shark Tank Jello!)


* Stir the Wonder has a Shark Sensory Bottle Here.

* Lady behind the Curtain has a recipe for Shark Tank Jello Here.

Paper Based

* Glue Sticks and Gum Drops made a Shark Hat Here.

* Living Montessori Now has Free Shark Printables Here.

Looking for more inspiration? Visit your local shark tank, or if that’s not possible, check out our Pinterest Feed for templates, sensory activities and inside fun!

Photo credit: SFB579 Namaste via Visualhunt / CC BY