[SURVEY] What Parents Value in Childcare During COVID-19

As childcare centers are running in the ‘new normal,’ we wanted to know how parents’ views have changed. We polled 111 parents to see what’s different in how they evaluate and communicate with their childcare providers.

Overall trends included:

  • 3 out of 4 parents have changed how they evaluate childcare providers due to COVID with safety being top of mind.
  • Parents lack visibility into what changes are being implemented in order for their children to be safe.
  • 80% of parents would switch childcare providers if they found an alternative that shared pictures and/or videos of their children, suggesting that parents are looking for visibility beyond COVID-19 measures.

75% of parents have changed the way they have evaluated childcare providers due to COVID-19

75% of parents shared that COVID-19 has changed how they evaluate providers. 

Parents want to feel ‘safe’

When asked ‘why’ in an open form, parents shared that ensuring that centers have implemented the proper health and cleaning procedures were top of mind in order to feel safe. 

Responses from parents included:

  • Because I want to make sure my children will be safe and I want to make sure their well being is always first wherever they might be.
  • I am more cautious of the quality and safety measures taken.
  • Safety for my family, including grandparents and extended family who participate in childcare.
  • I have full trust in my childcare center. They have taken all the correct steps and precautions to ensure my child has always been in a safe environment and learning is important not just the playtime.
  • Kids at this age do not understand social distancing. They will play so it’s important that appropriate measures are taken to protect my children.
  • Constant sanitation protocols and size of classes must be addressed along with necessary employees needed.

Quality of programming was ranked as the #1 factor when selecting a childcare provider by 42% of respondents.

When asked what is the most important criteria when selecting a childcare provider, quality of programming was ranked as #1 overall. COVID-related safety measures was a close second with 36% of respondents ranking it as the most important factor.

Overall Rank% Ranked #1
COVID related safety measures236%

Parents would feel safer if they had more transparency on the safety procedures in place.

When asked what centers could do to make parents feel safer about sending their children to childcare the majority of responses centered around providing transparency and details on cleaning schedules, temperature checks, and center policies related to COVID. 

This suggests that providing parents with more visibility into what has been implemented will likely help ease concerns and make parents feel safer.

Responses from parents included:

  • Send out messages to parents about safety measures taken at the center. 
  • Share details on what they’re doing. 
  • Safe encounters for drop off and pick up. And information sent home on cases and changes to the schedule and safety information. 
  •  Be transparent in their action plans.
  • You show me that precautions are in place and regulated following policy and procedures for health and safety hazards.

69% of parents shared that contactless technology is important to them when selecting a childcare provider.

When shopping for a new childcare provider 69% of parents shared that the adoption of contactless technology is important. 

% of Parents who would switch childcare providers if they found a center that offered

% who would switch providers
Contactless Payments53%
Contactless CheckIn60%
Parent Communication App63%
At Home Activity Content51%
Digital Documentation63%
Shared videos and pictures80%

Melissa Wood

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  • tawanda ruffin says:

    Let’s not forget about the workers! That’s working under pressure to supply a great learning experience and trying to keep up with the safety measures at the same time. Without the workers there would be NO childcare services. Parents should thank childcare providers more than ever! Were putting our lives/families everyday that we open the doors.

  • Shaheen says:

    Poor focus on Rural children…

  • Arun says:

    It is essential that educational institutions and related organizations study the current situation and make the necessary guidelines to keep students safe. Health is important and it is the duty of everyone to make it possible. There are blogs that provide online fun activities which has become the norm among kids and parents.