Parent Engagement Tips For Reopening [Webinar]

Parent engagement has a huge impact on a child’s learning and development. In this webinar, we explore different ways to communicate and engage with parents while figuring out what “new normal” will look like for everyone. We talk about tips for reopening as well as distance learning with lots of amazing ideas from our audience!

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  • Understand unique perspectives – Invite conversations around culture, different family units and adapting to communication styles are important to build authentic relationships with families.
  • Engage parents by involving them – Create a shared language to talk about their child’s developmental progress, and encourage parents to join in on the fun with different projects.
  • Set children up for reopening success – Parents can practice physical distancing activities with their kids at home to make the transition back into the center an easier one.
  • Distance learning – This is still a great way to keep educators employed and engaged families that are not 100% comfortable with returning to a center setting just yet.

Superstar comments from our audience

Jennifer Larocque
A recipe book is a great idea. Get every family to submit their favourite recipes, create a book and give to all the families. It’s a great way to share all the cultures with all the families and get families involved.

Lucinda Crawford
Using “I” statements puts a positive spin on it for parents — no blame.

Shiromie Ganesh
My teachers follow a daily schedule with the virtual learning with snack and lunch being included. They began sharing what they were eating then we started having parents share what they cooked or baked and videos of the children enjoying it. I had the staff request for the recipes and my hope is to create a ‘CoVid-19 Quarantine Recipe book’

Maria Elena Wilfahrt
I noticed most of the parents who actively engagement their child through virtual learning has learned more. I explained to the parents why are we doing the lesson, what learning targets I am teaching. It helps the parents understand what domain their child is learning 

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