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2021-2022 Ontario childcare statistics and industry trends

HiMama Ontario Childcare Center Benchmark Report

Is your childcare center ahead or behind the curve? Find out in the 2021-2022 Ontario Childcare Sector Benchmark Report, brought to you by HiMama! With more insights than ever before and another unprecedented year due to COVID-19, getting answers to the biggest questions that childcare owners and directors have has never been more important. In this report, you’ll find valuable insights including:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the Ontario childcare sector?
  • What are other centers in this province charging for tuition?
  • How much income are other centers making?
  • What are the average occupancy rates?
  • How do others motivate and retain their staff?
  • And much more!

Early childhood professionals rose to the challenge during coronavirus. Faced with herculean tasks and, in many cases, a lack of support or guidance, they sacrificed enormously to help keep the children they serve and their communities safe.

Andrew Roszak, Executive Director, Institute for Childhood Preparedness

The Ontario Childcare Benchmark Report surveys childcare providers across Ontario, Canada. This report presents a comprehensive snapshot of the state of the childcare industry. It is this report’s goal to provide meaningful data for providers, families, researchers, and policymakers to make informed decisions in order to better serve our communities by improving learning outcomes for children ages 0-5.

Ontario childcare benchmark report

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