early learning summit official lineup

Official Lineup for the 2021 Early Learning Summit

We’re just days away from the 2021 Early Learning Summit and we are so excited to share our official lineup of speakers! With five hours of professional development (including certificate of completion!), our free online conference is shaping up to be jam-packed with actionable takeaways that you can apply to your centers right away!

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Breaking Burnout

Speaker: Beth Cannon

The past few years have been extremely tough on everyone, but ESPECIALLY frontline workers like early childhood educators. Beth Cannon, International speaker, Educator, Owner of Stretch-n-Grow, will share ways to keep you and your team happy and motivated during these stressful times.

Active Learning Across the Curriculum

Speaker: Rae Pica

The domains of child development — physical, social/emotional, and cognitive — are so intertwined in the early years that a child can’t learn something in one domain without learning something in the others. To truly educate the whole child, we must recognize children as thinking, feeling, moving human beings who learn through all their senses. In this session, participants explore activities that will offer children meaningful and long-lasting educational experiences in art, language arts, mathematics, music, science and social studies.

Work Fewer Hours Without Sacrificing Your Growth Goals

Speaker: Chanie Wilschanski

It takes A LOT of time and effort to keep a childcare center running smoothly. With so many little things that always need tending to, many directors, admins and educators risk burning out by constantly running from one task to the next.

In this session, Chanie Wilschanski, early childhood coach, instructor, speaker and podcaster, will help you take a step back and look at your calendar more strategically. Working longer hours and feeling constant stress doesn’t equal working harder — discover how to approach your time differently so you’re working more efficiently!

Using Technology for Parent Engagement

Moderator: Anisha Angella

Panel: Ryan Eickmeier, Charlotte Jackson and Bernadette Testani

Technology is always changing, and so too are the expectations of parents. In this panel discussion, we will be joined by three childcare owners about how they have effectively used technology over the years to develop strong relationships with parents. Whether you’re on all of the latest social networks or think TikTok is just the sound a clock makes, we’ll show you how to easily and effectively connect with parents in 2021.

Strategies for Building Parent Engagement

Speaker: Beth Ehlis

No matter how happy the children at your center are, if parents aren’t feeling the same way then you haven’t done your job to its fullest. Parent engagement is so much more than sending a daily sheet or saying hello in the morning — it’s about making their child’s education a true partnership between a child’s educators and family. In this session, Beth Ehlis, President & CEO of FunShine Express, will share tried-and-true ways to make meaningful connections with families.

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