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Nominations for ECE of the Year are now open!

Nominations for ECE of the Year are now open!

November 15, 2017 | Amanda Munday
Nominate a deserving teacher today!
Early Childhood Of the Year Award Banner

Nominations and voting for our ECE of the Year Award are now open. Our goal at HiMama is to empower early childhood educators with affordable tools that enable them to improve learning outcomes for the children they work with each day. These early childhood professionals deserve recognition. We created the ECE of the Year Award to inspire others to share stories about incredible educators in their community.

Early Childhood Professionals are dedicated, hard-working and passionate about improving learning outcomes for our youngest children. It’s time to acknowledge and celebrate the Educator.

Why are we hosting an Educator of the Year Award?

  • The stories are powerful

    This is the third year we've run the ECE of the Year Award, and every year we read thousands of powerful, heartfelt stories of dedicated professionals. Part of the joy of this campaign for our team is reading each unique nomination for a teacher who loves, and is great at, what they do.

  • Educators deserve recognition

    We know that early childhood professionals are undervalued and underpaid. 55% of educators make less than $30k a year (2017 Child Care Industry Benchmark Report). This article, "Child Care Workers Make Less Than Dog Walkers", breaks my heart. This award is one way to show a little love to the sector.

  • Calling international attention to important work

    This year, the ECE of the Year will be selected by a panel of expert judges. These judges are leading innovative work in early education. Each submission helps to call attention to the important work and the need to better support early childhood professionals, and this jury will amplify the message.

  • We get to celebrate you, too

    Each person who creates a nomination is eligible to win a FitBit, our way of thanking you for taking some time to acknowledge others. The prize pack for the ECE of the Year includes a $250 gift card for school supplies, another way we get to have a little fun while celebrating. It is the season of giving!

  • There is no other annual international award for early childhood professionals

    HiMama is a social purpose business. Our app that connects educators, directors and parents is one way we contribute to improving learning outcomes. We also have this blog, a podcast, templates and free resources for educators. The ECE of the Year Award is a team favorite - the one award that crosses country lines to say WE APPRECIATE YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

This Year's Jury Panel Includes
Jury Photos for the Early Childhood Of the Year Award

Please nominate a deserving teacher today, and vote often. Nominations and voting are open until December 3rd, 11:59pm EST.


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