Moving Educators to a Different Child Care Location

Child care is a field that results in the formation of significant relationships.

These relationships exist between educators, parents, and children, and are the most important factor in shaping the learning experience. When educators are relocated, it can create stress and confusion for all involved parties. Moving educators to different child care locations must be handled with care.

Educator Tips

Here are 4 helpful ways to handle the transition of educators effectively:

1. Be Clear About the Transition

Transparency is the best practice. If there is a pending plan to move educators to a different location, it should be announced. Families deserve to be informed about where their children’s educators will be moved to and what’s behind the change.

Providing parents and children with the details about an educator’s move creates a feeling of trust in the child care center.

2. Give Ample Time for Adjustment

It is important that announcements about educator moves are made with time to spare. Parents and children will need time to absorb, react, and adjust to the news. When children learn that their favorite educator is moving to another location, they will need to go through a process of healthy detachment.

3. Discuss Practical Solutions

Upon the announcement of an educator’s move to a new location, a child care center may be met with a flurry of questions from parents. Addressing the plan of action in detail will ease their worries.

Explain whether replacement educators will be added to the current location or whether the goal is to disperse educators and students between various child care centers.

4. Advertise the New Location

If part of the plan is to bring traffic to a new child care center, present parents with the opportunity to move their children to the new location along with their favorite educators. While this may feel daunting for parents initially, advertising the new location strategically can bridge the transition gap.

Moving educators to new child care locations does not have to be upsetting for families. With proper explanation and support, the transition can be made seamlessly.

At the end of the day, tablets in the classroom offer many benefits when it comes to recording development observations. Child care educators can take advantage of the technological tools available to them.

Savannah Copland

Savannah Copland is a Marketing Manager at HiMama. She has been working for over 3 years in the early childhood education space, and feels incredibly fortunate to have met, interviewed, and worked closely with registered early childhood educators, thought leaders and researchers during that time. She is particularly interested in finding novel ways for child care centers to market themselves and bolster their enrollment. She loves cats, and always needs at least one toy on her desk to fidget with!

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