Leadership-based Teaching & Supporting Families [Webinar]

In this webinar, we were joined by Chazz Lewis (AKA Mr. Chazz) to chat about leadership-based teaching in the classroom and supporting parents with virtual learning during the pandemic.

🎤 Our Special Guest

Chazz Lewis – CEO of Teachers Changing the world, and Parent Coach

Chazz envisions a world where Teachers, Parents, and Students wake up every day inspired to learn. I am committed to helping Parents and Teachers develop their children in a way that is less frustrating and more enjoyable/effective for everyone.  He helps turn interactions from war to peace.  I help you turn power struggles to cooperative independence. Chazz translates the child’s language in a way that any adult can understand.  His mission is for you to be able to SEE, GUIDE, and TRUST your children effectively.  “I believe the journey of growth can be enjoyable and I commit to helping you enjoy the process!”

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes

  • Be aware of the emotions of the children right now and create experiences for them, let them be out in the rain, and jump in the puddles, and play the floor is lava (safely)!
  • Replace screen time with sensory play and get them outside as much as possible!
  • Plant the seed to help children visualize what will happen next. Use a visual timer for virtual classes to help children anticipate transitions.
  • Be real and validate how the children feel. 
  • Fidget toys can help children focus and self regulate. Especially those who are doing virtual learning.

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🌟Audience Shoutouts!

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: Lucinda – On those days when you are feeling down think of one positive thing. One simple thing that puts a smile on your face. You might have to dig deep to find it but it is there. 

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: Elena – We call parents, often encourage them to send us the picture of children participating in daily activities that we post on Facebook. We also ask parents to send us a picture of the process of children coloring, reading, listening to music, and playing outside. 
:speaking_head_in_silhouette:Rose – The children here are doing very well! The COVID experience is different but we are working together and learning in a new way.

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Photo Source: New York College

Ria Reive

Ria Reive in the Community Ambassador at HiMama. Prior to starting at HiMama, Ria was an Early Childhood Educator and worked 6 years in the classroom. She taught all ages but mainly preschoolers. Ria lives in Toronto with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her niece and nephew and being on the water.

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