June 2021 HiMama Feature Update

Over the past few months the HiMama team has launched several new features that are designed to assist you with COVID-19 related challenges and much more! Please reach out to if you need assistance with the new features found below. 

Family Health Screening

The HiMama health screener is a flexible questionnaire that is managed by your center admin team. It’s normally presented to families at the front door before that child is checked-in to HiMama. The daily screening process will help programs catch health concerns and keep those electronic records in one spot. Please note that the health screener is administered by your staff, meaning someone needs to be posing the questions to families. Find out how to turn it on here

Photos & Videos Feed

The photos and videos page displays all of the photos and videos being recorded in HiMama throughout the day. This page is available to HiMama administrators, and it provides a single spot to review everything that’s going on across your program. You can also easily delete an unwanted photo or video and manage the tagged children in each post! Learn more

Delayed Media Sharing

Are you concerned about bad photos and videos being shared with families? There is now a setting called ‘delayed media sharing’ which allows administrators to set a delay in time between when the post is uploaded into HiMama, and when it’s shared with families.

For example, you can set an interval of up to three hours, which means a photo or video post will only be shared with families three hours after it’s taken. This provides a window of time in which posts can be reviewed on the photos and videos page before they’re shared with families. Learn how to turn on that on

Updated Monthly Attendance Report

We’ve given our Monthly Attendance and Attendance Summary reports a modern new look with a few added benefits that will ramp up your record keeping and reduce the amount of time spent gathering information from the report.

The Attendance Summary report has been updated to provide the number of days a child has been checked in for the month. Directors no longer need to go through multiple pages of details to manually calculate these totals, just download this report and each child has their totals listed for you.

The Attendance Report was restructured to show attendance per day, by classroom, and indicate who checked in/out each child. And for centers who collect electronic signatures, this report now includes a printable copy of those too. Use this report if you need specific detailed information for licensing or want to ensure that you haven’t missed any check outs in the past month. Learn about generating reports here

Maddie Hutchison

Maddie is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master's in Early Childhood Studies. Her specialty is in Children's Rights and she is currently a Content Strategist for HiMama!

One comment

  • Thank you for the update. Definitely about time with the signatures.

    A really helpful one that my team and I have been asking for is for programming. Make the pop-up a floater. So if you need to read the program behind the pop-up, we can easily just move it instead of closing the pop-up all together.

    Also to be able to change dates in the program. Unfortunately my centre was closed during the lockdown so we had to copy and paste all the program plans we made for toddlers and preschoolers to another week. Would have save soo much time if we could change the date of the program altogether OR have some sort of copy and paste option like how we can for monthly menu rotations.