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How to attract and retain top talent through branding [Ebook]

If you want to attract, train, and retain top talent for your childcare center, you need a solid talent attraction strategy, and that is a clear, concise, reputable, and recognizable employer brand. Employer branding is how you market your center to attract talent that is going to set up your center to be THE place to work with young children in your community. It’s a direct reflection of your culture, core values, and vision. A strong employer brand will attract the right candidates, accelerate your hire rate, and reduce your attrition rate.

Your culture is a combination of what you create and what you allow

Craig Groeschel Leadership

In How To Attract and Retain Top Talent through Employer Branding, we take an in-depth look at the #1 issue facing childcare owners and operators: hiring and retention. We dive deep into strategies to nail down your center branding so that you can intentionally hire and retain the best people for your organization!

This free eBook, produced in partnership with Beth Cannon Speaks, dives deep into proven techniques to improve your employer brand, including:

  • Evaluate your current employee experience
  • Overhaul your onboarding
  • Define unique differentiators

No matter the size of your center, branding to match your culture will make a difference. Download the free eBook below to improve the quality of hiring and retention at your center!

Christie White

Christie is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at HiMama. She is passionate about children's development, parenting, and supporting the child care industry. She has been working to support child care centers with their events and marketing for almost a decade. In her personal life, Christie lives in Stouffville, ON with her husband Kyle and dog Tucker. She enjoys going for walks, baking, cooking, and watching reality tv!

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