How parents can show ongoing appreciation for educators

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Childcare benchmark report

This past year the dedication, creativity, adaptability, compassion, and resilience educators have demonstrated has been nothing short of remarkable. While stress and burnout have been a discussion at the forefront, there are many signs of hope for the early education sector moving forward. As parents, we recognize and have a deeper appreciation for educators, and reports such as The Childcare Benchmark Report show that parent engagement has increased dramatically. This gives so much hope that educators and parents can continue a positive collaboration long after the pandemic is over.

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Most early childhood educators are in the profession because they truly care about the development of our children. They have made it their life purpose to help our children succeed and they love seeing children grow and thrive into their individual selves. Appreciation for educators can and should be demonstrated each and every day.

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated from May 1 through May 8 in 2022. Celebratory days and weeks are always a good way for elevating the people who are making a difference. As a parent, there are endless ways to show gratitude towards educators and childcare centers. Reflecting and recognizing that educators have a very challenging profession is very important, and using one week to thank those that have played such a huge role in our children’s development is not enough.

Here are some ideas for how parents can show their thanks to educators on an ongoing basis.

Organize funding efforts

Did you know many educators pay for supplies out of their own pocket? Raising money can help out immensely. Requesting donations from other families, as well as people in the community is a great way to do just that.

There are many fundraising platforms out there that can make it easier such as Fundly. Another option is to help your child’s educator find and apply for grants that can be put toward classroom supplies, educational materials, and projects. 

Purchase teacher gifts that last

Of course, purchasing a gift for your child’s educator is always a great way to show that you appreciate them. When purchasing a gift, think about something that will go a long way. Look at a magazine or online subscriptions, make small donations to a charity they believe in, or pooling funds with other parents to buy a bigger item that your educator will utilize daily.

Thanks to my friends at FunShine Express you can buy resources and supplies on behalf of your educator that will last for a long time.

Express your gratitude

The appreciation notes educators cherish and remember most are the ones thanking them for something specific they said or did. A written message of appreciation can also encourage an educator when they need it most.

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Your child can contribute by expressing their favorite moments
or part of the educator’s class. This really resonates deeply because it shows that the parent and child are communicating about the hard work that the educator is doing. If a former educator made an impact on the development of your child it is also never too late to send them a note as well. 

Another way to show you care is by nominating your educator for educator awards such as HiMama’s Early Childhood Educator of the Year or Early Educator Spotlight.

Put yourself in their shoes

The most meaningful thing one can do is through reflection and making the educator’s role easier. This can be done by reviewing your child’s classroom behavior and even reflecting on your own.

By communicating with your child about the importance of being well behaved, focused, attentive and respectful, as well as making sure that they are actively participating, you can significantly improve an educator’s experience.

It is also very important to be reflective of one’s own behavior. Understandably your child’s well-being is everything. Take it this way, have you ever had a micromanager? Were they questioning your every move? Did they interrogate you in ways that made your life harder? When parents act in this manner, in consequence, it can leave educators stressed out, unmotivated, and with a lack of confidence.

Here are some littles things that you can do that will go a long, long way.

  • Trusting your child’s educator
  • Effective and transparent communication 
  • Posing questions and concerns in a positive and constructive manner
  • Avoiding pointing fingers for your child’s behavior 

This approach will go a lot farther when it comes to impacting the educators happiness than any physical gifting ever will. 

Teacher Appreciation Week occurs only once a year, but educators’ hard work is year-round. Showing respect and appreciation towards all educators will positively impact them and also your children they care for.

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