Holiday Gifts Teachers Actually Want

The holiday season is upon us, and many parents will find themselves wondering, “What kind of holiday gift does my child’s teacher really want?”

While we might think of gifting cute trinkets that say, “World’s best teacher” or feature apples and pencils, trust us when we say educators already have plenty of those! Instead, look for something unexpected or practical that won’t clutter up their desk.

If you’re looking to give a meaningful gift that shows your appreciation for their hard work, consider one of the following useful or unique ideas:

  • A Gift Card

    Gift cards are always appreciated by teachers, especially if they’re for their favorite coffee shop, craft store or teacher supply store. A gift card to a restaurant, spa or salon can be a great choice to give teachers a much-needed opportunity to pamper and treat themselves.

  • A Gift for the Class

    Ask your child’s teacher if there is anything they wish they had for their classroom. Whether this means additional craft supplies, a particular set of books or a certain piece of equipment, you can pitch in with other parents to get a larger gift that the whole class will benefit from.

  • A Charitable Donation

    A contribution to a cause close to a teacher’s heart is a kind gesture. Use the money you would typically use for a teacher’s holiday gift and make a donation in their name. Let them know of the donation with a thoughtful note.

  • A Thank You Note

    Educators love receiving handwritten notes from parents and students expressing their sincere appreciation for being a great teacher. Kind holiday greetings and meaningful letters make those late nights preparing lesson plans and marking homework all worth it.

  • Your Time

    Volunteering to help your child’s teacher in the classroom is a wonderful gift. Helping out during lessons, preparing materials, chaperoning a field trip or just offering to come in and help tidy up the classroom are excellent ways to show a teacher you appreciate their work.

Wondering what types of holiday gifts to avoid? Here are a few gifts you shouldn’t give your child’s teacher:

  • A mug

    This is a very common gift, so most teachers have more mugs than they could ever need!

  • Homemade baked goods

    While some teachers will appreciate delicious baked goods and the time you spent creating them, allergy considerations make this gift a gamble.

  • Scented lotions

    Or candles and soaps. Scented care products are often a very personal choice. Unless you know for sure what scents the teacher enjoys, it’s best to avoid this type of gift.

Do you have other great (or not so great) holiday gift ideas for teachers? We’d love to hear them! Join the conversation @HiMamaSocial.